About Us

Since 1958, Project HOPE has worked in more than 120 countries to make quality and sustainable health care available for people around the globe. Our signature program in South Africa, The HOPE Centre, tackles the growing challenge of addressing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in impoverished communities.

Since 2012, The HOPE Centre in Zandspruit has served as a community-based model for effective and cost-efficient NCD prevention and care. Our model combines health promotion and screenings, delivery of quality primary health care, and support programs that promote patient self-care and prevention.

Today, The HOPE Centre operates as a center of excellence and informs our work as we expand our reach to address the burden of NCDs more broadly across South Africa. As such, we are currently supporting chronic disease management for NCDs at Fodisong Community Health Centre in the community of Itsoseng and training community health workers on NCDs to improve capacity for health promotion and screenings across our region.