Our Clinic Staff

On Average, we see about 40 patients a day in our clinc at Zandspruit.

The Clinic

Patients can schedule appointments to limit their waiting time.

Educating Patients

Calsses are held daily to assist our patients in achieving healthier lifestyles.

Our Community Garden

Ladies within the community tend to our gardens. The produce is sold to local businesses.

Sponsor a Screening Day

To launch the HOPE Centre project we would like to run 3 community screening events - one in Zandspruit, one in Cosmo City and one in Kya Sand. These screening events will be publicised on the local radio station, through the local clinic and through other "bush communication" mechanisms! We anticipate to do these at the end of March.

The aim of the screening days is to first help raise awareness in these communities about the growing risks of non-communicable disease. Second is to identify people who are at risk of developing an NCD so that we can prevent its onset. Finally to be able to refer people who need follow up investigation to our new clinic and the new set of services that it will bring to these communities.

During the screening days we will have a nurse and a couple of community health workers who will take blood pressure, BMI and blood glucose as well as provide some basic health and nutrition education. It is anticipated that at each screening we will screen between 300-400 people.

However we need your help. Each individual screening costs $3.50 (2.30 GBP) which includes the nurses time, medical supplies and health materials.In addition we need to purchase a Gazebo and portable table and chairs that can be used. Therefore we are looking to raise a total of $5,000 (3,333 GBP) to cover these costs.

Please would you consider donating to this great cause A $100 donation could screen 29 people!
For people wanting to donate in the USA, please click on the gift catalogue link. This takes you to our giving catalogue page where you can fill out your details.
For people in the UK, please contact me directly - slawson@projecthope.org. We have made arrangements so that you can "gift aid" your donation.

**Please note that 100% of your donation will come directly to South Africa to help fund these screening days.**

I look forward to keeping in touch and posting some pictures of our screening days up on the blog very soon! Thanks for reading!