Our Clinic Staff

On Average, we see about 40 patients a day in our clinc at Zandspruit.

The Clinic

Patients can schedule appointments to limit their waiting time.

Educating Patients

Calsses are held daily to assist our patients in achieving healthier lifestyles.

Our Community Garden

Ladies within the community tend to our gardens. The produce is sold to local businesses.

The HOPE Team gets Creative

The stats regarding the prevalence of hypertension in South Africa are scary, to say the least:
"New research reveals that South Africa has the highest rate of high blood pressure reported among people aged 50 and over for any country in the world, at any time in history."
"78% of those who took part in South Africa tested positive for high blood pressure, or hypertension. Less than one in 10 people were effectively controlling their condition with medication."
- A Study Conducted by University of East Anglia (read the full study here)
Part of our mission is to change those stats, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to raise awareness about hypertension, even if it means being a little silly.
Celebrating World Hypertension Day
Along with Monash University and Rose Star Nursing school, we celebrated World Hypertension Day on the 17th of May 2014 by conducting an awareness campaign in the Community of Zandspruit. Three screening stations were set up. 
Setting up the Screening Stations

After the screenings, we discussed the health risks associated with diabetes and hypertension with community members. Each person received a piece of fruit for participating.
One of Three Screening Stations

What would a celebration be without a little dancing? To draw attention to the screening stations and make sure everyone knew what we were up to, the team organized a flash mob dance!
Some of the Flash Mob Dancers

(learn more about World Hypertension Day at the International Society of Hypertension)