Connecting Hearts

In October 2014, Project HOPE South Africa partnered with Eli Lilly and Company to bring a wonderful group of 10 volunteers to Zandspruit through the Connecting Hearts Abroad program. The volunteers brought both passion and expertise to projects in support of the work of the Lilly NCD partnership with Project HOPE in Zandspruit.  This was Project HOPE South Africa’s second year of involvement in the Connecting Hearts Abroad program and was the best yet!

Volunteer projects focused on nutrition and exercise for NCD patients, health promotion events in the community, training for community health workers, and initiating improvements to M&E systems for the NCD project.

Through the program this year, the Lilly volunteers successfully made a lasting impact on the NCD partnership in Zandspruit. We sincerely appreciate both the opportunity to participate as a Connecting Hearts Abroad program partner and the individual efforts of each of the outstanding volunteers.


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