Improving patients knowledge about how medications work

Most of our patients are on chronic, long term medication for their diabetes and hypertension and many of them have to take multiple tablets per day.
Adherence rates to these medications is very poor, often because patients are not empowered to understand what hypertension or diabetes is and what the medicine does to help them manage it. We often find that once a patient feels better, they stop taking the medication which can cause long term complications. Patient education is key to combating this.

Ellen leading a training session with PH staff
Ellen Cannady and Nick Wang from Eli Lilly came as part of a 10 person strong team for two weeks to help Project HOPE tackle some of these issues.

As part of their scope of work, they developed some patient education materials on all the drugs that we prescribe so that the patients could understand better what the drug does.

Nick Wang with PH staff

They also spent an afternoon with our staff training them on the role of pharmacology in the management of diabetes and hypertension. As a result, our team is now better prepared to answer patient questions about the drugs and support our patients in taking them regularly.
Thanks Ellen and Nick!


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